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FHS Aerospace Thumbnail
Aerospace Engineering Pathway
Students will bring the concepts of atmospheric and space ight to life by designing airfoil, propulsion system, and rockets.
FHS Audio Thumbnail
Audio and Music Production Academy
Experience the Arts, Media, and Entertainment industry by pursuing a field in Audio & Music Production.
FHS Culinary Thumbnail
Culinary & Hospitality Academy 
Experience hands-on learning within a professional kitchen environment and delve deeper into nutrition science and food chemistry.
FHS Agriculture Thumbnail
Agriculture Tech Academy
Join the exciting opportunities found in working with animals, soil, flowers, machinery, and manufacturing.
FHS Automotive Thumbnail
Automotive Technology Career Pathway
Join the Automotive Pathway where you will learn about today's high tech automotive services industry.
FHS Law Thumbnail
Law Academy
Explore the fascinating and rewarding careers found in the public services industry sector.