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Laguna Creek High School

LCHS Computer Science Thumbnail
Computer Science Pathway
Learn about computer hardware, learn to “speak” a new computer language, and delve into the world of Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity.
LCHS MPTA Thumbnail
Manufacturing Production Technology Academy (MPTA)
Students build Tiny Homes equipped with solar panels, laminate flooring, electrical outlets, and windows.
LCHS SCA Thumbnail
Sports Careers Academy (SCA)
Receive hands-on experience working alongside an Athletic Trainer perfecting injury assessment, taping technique, and rehabilitation management.
LCHS Design Thumbnail
Design Institute Pathway
Gain practical knowledge in composition, subject treatment, photography, mastery of common digital tools and functions.
LCHS GETA Thumbnail
Green Energy Technology Academy (GETA)
Learn how the sun, wind, rain, and other renewable resources are harnessed to produce clean power that does not harm our environment.